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SCRIPTURE: Evening, and morning, and at noon, will I pray, and cry aloud: and he shall hear my voice. Psalms 55:17

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: Progress with God is progress in life. Every step towards God in life equals a thousand steps towards destiny.

It has been established that solid spirituality is a major facilitator of destiny. Men of solid destinies are also men of solid spirituality. And men of shallow destinies are men of shallow spirituality. So, your spirituality births your destiny.

I will like you to take note of two key thoughts on spirituality.
a. Spirituality is the bedrock of destiny.
If your spirituality is solid, your destiny cannot be shallow. Solid spirituality must translate to solidity of destiny.

2 Chronicles 26:5 makes us to understand that as long as Uzziah sought the Lord, God made him to prosper.

Jotham became mighty because he prepared his ways before the Lord.

2 Chronicles 27:6 says,
So Jotham became mighty, because he prepared his ways before the Lord his God.

There is no witch or ancestral curse that is strong enough to make a mockery of your destiny if your spirituality is strong.

So, if you are with God, be with God. Be real with God.

b. You cannot go far with God and lag behind in life and destiny (Isaiah 37:31).
Progress with God is progress in life. Every step towards God in life equals a thousand steps towards destiny. The prodigal son took a step towards his father and the father took many steps towards him (Luke 15:20).

When we were growing up in the LORD, people thought that we were wasting our lives by serving God. Almost every young man at that time was partying and doing many other things but God arrested some of us very early in life, and many thought it was a waste serving God. Now, this so called “waste” is what brought us to where we are today and is still taking us to where God wants us to be.

Beloved, determine to refuse spiritual passivity and laxity. Develop a strong and solid spirituality.

REMEMBER THIS: Progress with God is progress in life. Every step towards God in life can equal a thousand steps towards destiny.

1. Refuse to live a shallow spiritual life.
2. Develop strong spiritual roots in God.

PRAYER: Lord, I reject anything that will reduce my spiritual intensity and prayer life. I ask for the grace and discipline to develop a solid spiritual life, Lord, in Jesus’ Name.


QUOTE: Your spirituality is not for the purpose of luxury; your spirituality determines your immunity. Your spirituality affects your security. Culled from “15 KINGDOM STRATEGIES FOR SURVIVAL” by Dr Paul Enenche.


REFLECTION: When you are strong inside, you can’t be weak outside. When you are big inside, you cannot be small outside. Focus on the inner man and the outer man will be taken care of.

PROPHETIC WORD/DECLARATION: Grace to take root downwards and bear fruit upwards be released upon you in Jesus’ Name.

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