SCRIPTURE: Reuben, thou art my firstborn, my might, and the beginning of my strength, the excellency of dignity, and the excellency of power: Unstable as water, thou shalt not excel; because thou wentest up to thy father’s bed; then defiledst thou it: he went up to my couch.
Genesis 49:3-4.

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: Nothing kills mentality like iniquity. Sin ruins sense.

It has been established that character determines destiny. Character affects potentials. Your character can bring either blessings or curses upon your life.

Previously, we saw how Reuben defiled his father’s bed and how that singular act brought a curse upon his life and generation.

In our Study today, we shall look at a major character flaw of Reuben.

Now, what is that character flaw that Reuben manifested?
Reuben operated with a lack of mentality.

He was not reasoning right, he wasn’t thinking correctly. He lacked mentality!

Reuben lacked mentality for sleeping with his father’s wife. Why did he not decide to go and marry at that point? The only woman he saw was his father’s wife. Nothing kills mentality like iniquity. Sin ruins sense.

Today, you see some people behaving senselessly and you will be wondering how they think. This is because their senses have been ruined by sin.

When you see a man who is married, but keeps other girls in five-star hotels and his wife and children are suffering at home, that is bankruptcy of mentality. There are some young unmarried men who are having serial immoral affairs; that is a manifestation of senselessness.

As a lady or a married woman, you have no sense if you go after either married or unmarried men. Iniquity makes you senseless. But that shall not be your portion in Jesus Name.

REMEMBER THIS: Nothing kills mentality like iniquity. Sin ruins sense.


  1. Refuse to ruin your sense through sin.
  2. Live right to have sense and right mentality.

PRAYER: Lord, I refuse to ruin my sense through iniquity. I receive the grace to live right to attract Divine wisdom, Lord, in Jesus’ Name.


QUOTE: Where there is no mentality, there is no opportunity. Where there is no mentality, there can be no prosperity. Culled from the book, “21 FOOLISH THINGS PEOPLE DO” by Dr Paul Enenche.

DAILY READING: Judges 21-Ruth 3.

AMAZING FACT: Elephant brains weigh 5 kg, much more than the brain of any other land animal.

DECLARATION/WORD: Grace to remain in good sense through upright living be released on you in Jesus’ Name.

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