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About Dunamis

Dunamis International Gospel Centre (DIGC), is a powerfully anointed church, headquartered at Abuja, Nigeria, with Dr Paul and Dr Becky Enenche, as the Senior Pastors. It is a power-packed arena where God’s Presence, Principles and Power are at work for the salvation, healing and restoration of human destinies and dignities.

Dunamis International Gospel Centre (DIGC), is also a revival and end time fire distribution centre, where ministers from around the globe gather to experience the deep, palpable and feelable Presence of God; connect with God’s heartbeat for the present, receive current instructions for the end time assignment and get imparted to take charge of their territories for God. See more: Int’l Ministers Flaming Fire Conference


Dunamis (Doo'na-mis) is the Greek word that means POWER. It is a power source that reproduces itself without reduction in intensity. That is why at Dunamis International Gospel Centre (DIGC), the destiny and dignity of nations, ministers, ministries, families and individuals are being imparted and restored on daily basis, as evidence of the intensity of God’s Presence and Power that is resident in Dunamis International Gospel Centre and her many satellite locations. You are next in line for God’s touch!

Brief History


In the Month of May, 1996 in Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria, Dr Paul was at a crossroad as to what next to do with his life. He had several attractive choices:

• To relocate to a prestigious University in London with his beautiful wife, who is also a Medical Doctor, to work and simultaneously advance their Medical Profession
• To take two other attractive Medical appointments within the country
• Or to keep their jobs in the two different hospitals where he and his wife worked, of which they were each given 3 bedroom flats in the hospitals’ staff quarters.

As attractive and promising as the future seemed, he was overcome by an unusual level of restlessness in the spirit. And so on the 28th of May, 1996, he journeyed to a mountainous area in the outskirts of Jos, to be alone with the Master of the Universe, Who has the master plan of his life. After three days of fasting, he came down from the mountain with a clear vision of exactly what he was to do with his life.
The Lord asked him to put aside his Medical Certificate and “go to the city of Abuja and start a gospel outreach that will be characterized with a heavy Presence of God to heal, save and deliver people; a church that will restore human destiny and dignity.”

On getting home, his young wife, who was nursing their few-months old first baby had also taken out time to do a six to six fast, and pray for her husband. And the Spirit of God Who is not an author of confusion, told her exactly what He had told her husband on the mountain, thus, confirming their call.

In the Month of November 1996 (six months after the call in May), Dr Paul and his ever sub-missive and highly supportive wife, Dr Becky Enenche, left their jobs, relatives, Medical career and every plan they had made for their lives and moved to Abuja, a land where they knew nobody. But like the Biblical Abraham, obeying the Lord was paramount to them, and so, they proceeded despite external discouragements, to commence the instruction given to them.

Dunamis International Gospel Centre was established on the 10th of November 1996. The first Sunday service was held at Abuja Centre for Arts and Culture (First Floor) Area 10. Church service was held there for 2weeks before the church moved to Abuja Sheraton Hotel & Towers, where worship took place for about 6 months.

The Church moved to her present site in June 1997, less than a year after the ministry started and God has been with them, confirming His Word with power, signs and wonders. Testimonies


Since inception, the Lord has worked with us, confirming His Word with signs following. The lost have been saved, the oppressed have been set free and the confused have found answers to the many questions of their lives. Afflictions of many kinds have bowed out in His Name. HIV/AIDS, cancers, barrenness, blindness, brain tumors, madness, witchcraft operations, deafness and dumbness, etc, have all been terminated out of people’s lives through the ever saving and powerful Name of Jesus Christ the resurrected Lord.
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VISION: The Restoration of human destiny and dignity by the administration of the benefits of Redemption, through the ministry of the Word and the demonstration of power.

MISSION: To blanket this world with the evidence of God’s saving, healing, delivering and lifting power everywhere people live, work or play. (Numbers 14:21, Isaiah 11:9 and Habakkuk 2:14).

GOAL: Connecting humanity with the Person, Presence, passion (for), purpose, potential, principles and power of the Almighty and releasing them to subdue and dominate the earth now – and possess Heaven at the end.

OUR BELIEFS: Many have heard the Gospel but need to see God in action. Therefore, we celebrate the power and Presence of God demonstrated in the lives of His children, through the very many signs and wonders that characterize our meetings (Mark 16:20). Testimonies