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The Making of Kings and Queens

The Bible says that we are Royal Priesthood (1Pet. 2:9). We carry more than what an average King on earth carries. There is something about us who are born again Christians; we have our placement in God. Kings may come and go but if we are in Christ, our Excellency is in Christ. You don’t say: ‘Your former excellency’. We are created to be established in the royalty that we have been called into and the privilege has been given to us. When we are born into Christ, we are redeemed from the curse of the law and made joint heirs with Jesus. The promise of Abraham becomes our promise.  You don’t labour to become an heir, you walk into it. And so, we are Kings and Queens that have been born into royalty; a royalty that cannot be contested. Therefore, you are royalty.

How are you expected to carry yourself as an Eternal Excellency?

  1. The type of language that comes out of your mouth matters. Do not speak filthy or useless words. Speak with authority, not with timidity.
  2. Your mode of dressing counts. Dress as a King/Queen, not shabbily or provocatively.
  3. The way you eat also matters. Eat with dignity, don’t be seen eating or chewing on the road.
  4. The way you walk is being watched by people; don’t walk in a scattered manner.

It is said that a book is not judged by its cover but the truth is that there is a way a book looks that will make you not to attempt reading it despite its content or how loaded it is. If the cover is not appealing or the graphics is not interesting, you won’t even start reading the book. So, it is very important that you should be seen as a King and be identified as a Queen.
I see the Lord helping you carry yourself as an eternal excellency in Jesus Name.

Men's Fellowship

Dunamis Men's fellowship is a fireful arm where men meet to pray and discuss real issues that pertain to them. More info coming shortly.

Marital Success Secrets For Sisters (Masses)

Marital Success Strategies For Enriching Sisters (MASSES), is a monthly meeting anchored by Dr Becky Enenche. The meeting was inspired by God to address the many challenges that women face. This is because the state of their welfare determines the state of their spirituality.

To raise women that will succeed in their relationships with human beings, their husbands/fiancées, which will enhance a solid relationship with God, that will ensure eternity in Heaven.

Since inception, God has been with us, confirming His Word by restoring homes, establishing single ladies in desirable homes; and healing hearts, destinies and mindsets.

Husband Gives Wife 1 million Naira And Gift Items After She Performed An Assignment From The Relationship Meeting

One fateful day, during the Strategic Relationship Success Secrets for Women, Mummy Becky Enenche spoke about relationship— how to know your husband and his love language, etc. At the end of the teaching, she gave the married women an assignment, that we should text our husbands something lovely, and that we should do it before we get home. Then, I wrote this to my husband:

“Kabiyesi. The man of my life, you are reason for my shining. I want to appreciate you and to sincerely let you know that you are reason for my shining. Thank you”

He wasn’t at home when I arrived. When he got back, he rushed into the house and was looking for me like a pin: ‘Where is your mother?’ he asked the children. So, when I came out of the room and greeted him, he said: “Are you the one that sent me that text?” I said ‘Yes.’ And immediately, he carried up me like a baby! It was a new day for our marriage altogether— as if he just found a new bride. Everything changed from that day. He told the children: “Please don’t disturb your mother again. Anything you want, just come to me because I don’t want anybody to stress my wife again.”

The next day, he asked me to come to his office. So, I got to the office and for the first time since we got married, my husband stood up from his chair to welcome me! (You know the mentality of our men, especially those from my area, most of them don’t really believe in honoring their wives.) He did not only stand up from the chair, he shook hands with me and began to introduce me to everybody, as if they never knew me before. It was a surprise to me. He said: ‘Meet my wife, the Deputy Direction of this company, the mother of my children”, etc. After the elaborate introduction, I sat down and he said: “Guess what?” And I replied that I just couldn’t guess anything. He then brought out a bag filled with gift items—four pairs of shoes and three handbags!

When he got back home that day, he asked me to come to the office the next day and pick up the money that I had asked for, to start my business. You can see the chain reaction. I got to the office on the third day, after the miracle text message and he gave me 1million naira, cash not cheque! I told myself that if I knew that this was how it works, I wouldn’t have struggled this long, I would have been sending several test messages like that one!

Since that day till date, the marriage became sweeter and he has promised never to hurt me again. Now, I don’t need to ask for anything before I get it from him. Very recently, if the drivers are not on ground, he would offer to drive me to wherever I am going. So, since the day of the text message, I have been like a new bride and it is getting better. Praise God!
Mrs. Ahiaba

Worship & Wonders Night


The Monthly Worship and Wonders Night is a time of great excitement as the Dunamis Family worldwide, connect and offer deep worship and heart-felt praises to God. It is a time where people minister to the congregation in songs, dramas, recitations, etc. It is also a time of great Word insights from the scriptures that culminate into the outpour and outburst of GOD’S Presence, Signs and wonders.

Feel the worship; soak in His Presence; acquire His principles and receive impartation to distinctly fulfill your destiny every Last Friday of the Month at the Dunamis Worship and Wonders Night Vigil. Refuse to miss the next vigil for any reason.

Last Friday of Every Month from 9.30pm (GMT +1)