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24/7 Online TV & Radio

PAGE TITLE: About Dunamis International Gospel Centre’s 24/7 Web-TV and radio.

You can join our services live from anywhere in the world! Invite friends, family and loved ones to watch Dunamis TV online and to join our services LIVE!

You can watch the Dunamis 24/7 Web-tv @
Or via

1. Click on View DUNAMIS TV
2. Click 24/7 broadcast link
3. Then click PLAY to view broadcast
If you encounter any issues:
• Update your adobe flash player for your browser
I. Refresh the page
II. Click on 24.7 broadcast link
III. Then click PLAY to watch
Remember to check the sound setting on your mobile device or computer. Have an impactful viewership

Dunamis TV

Dunamis Television is a revival platform of Dunamis International Gospel Centre. It is a 24/7 TV station where the Presence, Principles and Power of God is released via the satellite to impart your world. Tune in to watch various destiny-transforming programs like:
• Daily Seeds of destiny
• Destiny Encounter
• Hymns
• Sunday Service rebroadcasts
• Bishop David Oyedepo
• Pastor E. A Adeboye
• Arch Bishop Idahosa
• Creflo Dollar
• Kenneth Hagin
• Kenneth Copeland
• Etc

Details on Scanning For Dunamis TV:
1. Get a free-to-air decoder.
2. Press the MENU button.
3. Enter installation (press OK).
4. Enter Pin (0000).
5. Manual Scan (press OK).
6. Scroll down to frequency menu (press the green button).
7. Enter frequency (12602) or 12600 for old receivers.
8. Symbol rate (26657) or 26630 for old receivers.
9. Polarization (vertical) if the horizontal does not change to vertical, then press the red button to change.
10. Finally, press OK for automatic scanning and wait.

To watch DUNAMIS TV in Europe, simply rescan your Sky, Bluebird or any other decoder connected to Eutelsat Hotbird 13B KU band.



Dr (Mrs) Becky Enenche

Dr Becky Enenche, is the wife of Dr Paul Enenche and they are the Senior Pastors of Dunamis International Gospel Centre, worldwide, with headquarters at Area 1, Garki, Abuja, Nigeria. Like her husband, she is a Medical Doctor turned full time preacher and teacher of the Gospel with the mandate and mantle to set the women of our generation free and to come against the onslaught of the devil in homes!

She is a seasoned and passionate teacher and preacher of the Word with a heavy prophetic mantle for accurate Word of Knowledge and Instant Action Unction that produces instant Divine intervention.

God’s handmaiden is a seasoned wife, mother of four God-loving children, role model, proprietress and administrator. She does not preach or teach theory; she teaches strategic success secret habits that have made her a wealth of practical knowledge with solid results.

She runs a Monthly meeting called Marital Success Strategies For Enriching Sisters (MASSES), where she addresses the many challenges that women face because in her words, “the state of their welfare determines the state of their spirituality.” The meeting, therefore, is geared at raising women that will succeed in their relationships with human beings, their husbands/fiancées, which will enhance a solid relationship with God that will ensure eternity in Heaven.

She is also the author destiny-transforming books. Some of which include:

  • The Alabaster Box
  • Protocol of the Ark
  • 14 Secrets Plus One to a Beautiful Marriage
  • In-laws, In-loves and Outlaws
  • Are You Bitter?

Dr Paul Enenche

Dr Pastor Paul Enenche is a trained Medical Doctor, called of God into full time ministry, with a heavy Apostolic and Prophetic mantle for the restoration of human lives and dignities. His ministrations are characterized by deep undiluted insights from the Word of God, accurate Word of Knowledge and the demonstration of the power of God in Supernatural healings, miracles, signs and wonders. His ministry is geared towards causing our generation to:

  • Experience God’s Person and Presence in our lives,
  • Realize our true purpose for existence,
  • Comprehend our full potential in life,
  • Discover God’s life-changing and life-lifting principles,
  • Connect with God’s power to overcome the negative forces of life and above all, to
  • End our journey with God in eternity in Heaven and to escape the torments of hell.

He is the Senior Pastor of Dunamis International Gospel Centre, with the headquarters situated beside the Old Federal Secretariat, Area 1, Abuja— the Federal Capital Territory of Nigeria. They currently run five services every Sunday and two over-flooded services every Wednesday evening, among other services. His passion is to see that the earth be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord as the waters cover the sea. As a result, his ministry is involved in aggressive spread of the Gospel via every possible media— the Commission’s Television Station— Dunamis TV, their 24/7 Web-TV and Web-Radio broadcast as well as campus revival meetings, crusades and aggressive church plantings.

He is married to Dr Becky, a beautiful, intelligent, submissive, supportive and hardworking Medical Doctor, also called of God into full time ministry. And together, they have four blessed children.