SCRIPTURE: And he left all that he had in Joseph’s hand; and he knew not ought he had, save the bread which he did eat. And Joseph was a goodly person, and well favoured. Genesis 39:6.

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: Your character affects every realm of your life.

It has been confirmed that one of the worst attacks of the devil is attack on character. The devil imposes on a person the kind of character that will make them fail in life.

A typical example of this was Judas Iscariot. He was privileged to be numbered among the twelve disciples of Jesus Christ. He ate and worked with Jesus Christ, but he missed out on eternal life because of character failure. His destiny was aborted because of character failure.

Beloved, you must understand that your character affects every realm of your life. Your character affects your ministry, business, career, marriage, relationships, partnerships, etc.

When a person has the right academic qualification, but exhibits the wrong character, failure is inevitable. Some people are at a point in their lives where their certificate is not the problem; witchcraft attack is not the problem; church attendance is not the problem; prayer life is not the problem; the only problem in their lives is character bankruptcy.

Some people may not be lazy in life, they work very hard, and may even have the right connections, but something is wrong with their character. They have bad character, and as a result, they are unable to arrive at their desired destiny.

Beloved, be determined to work on your character. Ask God for the grace to live right to fulfil destiny. Receive the grace to live right in Jesus’ Name.

Remember this: Your character affects every realm of your life.


  1. Deal with character failure, the real problem of life.
  2. Study the character of Jesus Christ and ask God for the grace to grow into His lifestyle and character.

PRAYER: I receive the grace Lord, to study the character and life of Jesus Christ. Help me to live out the fruits of the Holy Spirit, Lord, in Jesus’ Name.


QUOTE: When you sit down with someone to pieces the character of another, and destroy his personality, you are guilty of murder. It is called character assassination. Culled from the book, “WHO ARE YOU?” By Dr Paul Enenche.

DAILY READING: Philemon-Hebrews 2

AMAZING FACT: Did you ever wonder why we have a leap year every four years? This is because a year on earth is not exactly 365 days but it is 365.2564 days. This extra 0.2564 day is adjusted with an extra day (leap day) in the month of February every four years.

DECLARATION/WORD: Receive the grace to overcome every limiting character trait of your life in Jesus Name.

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